Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cyber Bullying in LGBT St. Louis

Yesterday Facebook exploded over Brian Meister sending unwanted XXX pics and videos to a member of the Triad Train Wreck, resulting in a great deal of public mocking.

Fair enough, except many of those making fun of him for being "a fat pervert" on the thread are the same people who claim discussing someone's criminal history, ongoing criminal activities, or overall repugnant behavior is bullying.

You can't have it both ways.

The fact is, for many of you, if you enjoy drinking with someone it doesn't matter if they've:

  • beat their mother,
  • assaulted their partner in front of a dozen witnesses at the bar,
  • physically and/or verbally attacked dozens,
  • pulled a knife on someone,
  • stolen identities,
  • been convicted for having sex with minors,
  • crashed into a highway trooper while drunk/high, leaving him disabled, and refused to apologize,
  • or terrorized a family on vacation and tried to get people fired over a vendetta.
If they're your drinking buddy, anything said about them is bullying.

Because you find Meister unappealing, it's alright to mock, make fun, and threaten him.

For me, adults taking the heat for their actions is just called life, and bullying is something a stronger person does to a weaker person over characteristics, not their own nasty behavior.

Gassy, the biggest bully in town responsible for half of the above list, even claims he's being bullied when people (i.e. ME) discuss his latest actions. This is the guy banned from nearly every bar in town for assault, and always making threats of future assaults, but even he's got defenders.

It's time for intellectual consistency on bullying. Either prove your point by standing up for someone who don't want to drink with or screw, otherwise put on your big girl panties, grow up, and expand your vocabulary.

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  1. Another nice blog. I personally think "bullying" is an overused term when it comes to adults.