Monday, April 6, 2015


I'm not sure how local hothead Gassy, a disgruntled gas station attendant barred from most St. Louis LGBT bars for assault, has been able to hold a job between his temper and total lack of judgement. 
Today, Gassy further demonstrated his lack of discipline by tenuring a pre-resignation via Facebook. 

My favorite part is how, after pulling a knife on a customer at Korner's, assaulting a drag queen at Bastille (and getting the shit beat out of him), physically and verbally assaulting dozens at local bars and events, saying the most abusive things about every single person he dated, attempting to get people fired from their jobs simply for commenting on my posts, and mocking people suffering with AIDS, suddenly Gassy is worried about becoming the bad guy. 

Moving to Memphis has been Gassy's lifelong dream ever since he learned his last boyfriend was moving there and he might be able to tag along, so hopefully his resignation is accepted and he follows his dream downriver. Gassy leaving town is our dream too. 

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