Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Florida Court Turns Tables on Dustin Mitchell

Andoetainment's own (yeah, I claim him) Dustin Mitchell made headlines last year when a St. Louis court granted him an injunction against Boca Raton-based Michael Hansen, CEO of a multilevel marketing company called DubLi. 

Mitchell claimed to have been the former vice president of North American Sales Development of DubLi (during a year in which he also worked at at St. Louis TGIFriday's and claimed to run for political office in Arizona), and argued in court that Hanson owed him $12,000 and had threatened him, causing him to fear for his safety. Inexplicably, the St. Louis court ordered Hansen to remain at least 1,500 meters from Mitchell (not difficult, since Hansen lived 1,173 miles away) and ordered Hansen to not make any contact by phone, internet or e-mail. Mitchell also requested the reimbursement of legal and medical expenses. 

DubLi's Eric Nelson responded: 

“Mr. Mitchell claims to have served as a senior member of DubLi’s leadership team. He has filed a restraining order against DubLi CEO Michael Hansen, claiming that Mr. Hansen is ‘stalking’ him. He has, on several occasions, attempted to contact several DubLi employees with stories about our position as a public company. He has claimed that the company owes him $12,000. These claims are utterly and demonstrably false.

“Contrary to his public posts, Mr. Mitchell has never been a member of DubLi’s corporate staff, much less a member of its management team. Mr. Hansen has never met Mr. Mitchell and has never made any threats against him. While Mr. Mitchell did register to join DubLi, he never made his required payment and has yet to provide documentation or verification of such payment. His online representation of holding a DubLi corporate title as well as his hosting of a variety of social media pages using the company’s corporate names are all in violation of DubLi’s terms and conditions, and constitute a misuse of our corporate trademarks.

“DubLi will not tolerate Mr. Mitchell’s false statements and attempts at extortion, and intends to vigorously pursue all available legal avenues in order to restrain Mr. Mitchell from further damaging our company and credibility.

“There is no shortage of publicly available information about Mr. Mitchell’s behavior and activity concerning other companies. We are taking legal action to protect ourselves and the network marketing industry at large from this individual.”

Mitchell's response to their claims he'd never worked for DubLi and had never even met Hansen: "They're just trying to get leverage."

This summer a Florida court ruled in favor of Hansen, finding that the company had no affiliation with Mitchell, didn't defraud him, and owed him nothing. The court also ordered him to remove any posts to the contrary. 

DubLi and the court may not have been amused, but I always enjoy Mitchell's antics. 

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