Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gassy Creates Facebook Group, Reads Everyone

Well, Ol' Gassy, our exiled hothead, is at it again.

He started a Facebook group claiming to support law enforcement and is now going off on everyone for not sending him money-- money desperately needed to buy more blue ribbons.

Some didn't even know how they became members to begin with, and Sean Patrick was not having any of it. 

I requested to be added and weighed in as well. 

I'll update you if he or anyone else responds. 


WMCTV posted a blurb about "Jack Pristen" placing ribbons all over his neighborhood. There was no mention of raising funds.

It seems he abandoned his legal name after following Price to Memphis. 


After about four hours I was expelled from the group. Fun while it lasted.


He has a gofundme, and I decided to be a good sport and donate. 

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