Sunday, January 10, 2016

Local Celeb’s GoFundMe Irks Peers

Several media personalities have come to me with complaints about the GoFundMe page set up by an unemployed local celebrity and his wife.

The man was fired over the summer and began a campaign to raise $10k, but is on his way to raising double that amount. His peers claim the couple has been gambling, and feel the community is being taken advantage of – not to mention several former coworkers who donated and then then lost their own jobs this month. 

“I know of people who donated who couldn’t really afford to, and it was unnerving, but now they’ve gone well past their goal and are still soliciting” fumed an acquaintance.

GoFundMe requests are constantly raising eyebrows and sparking debate about what is and what isn't socially acceptable. I think if someone makes a public plea, then the public is entitled to their opinions about how worthy the plea is. Of course when you're in the media you can't risk the backlash of speaking out, therefore I expect the outrage will be kept to a low grumble.