Monday, June 13, 2016

QUIZ: How should people conduct themselves in the immediate aftermath of Orlando?

This is a trying and confusing time. The largest mass shooting in the US just occurred at an LGBT nightclub, killing dozens and injuring dozens more. What's the best way to interact with mourners during this emotional period? Take the quiz!

Q: How should people conduct themselves in the immediate aftermath of Orlando? 

Please choose the best option:

  1. A specific weapon was used to carry out this massacre, and was also used to slaughter moviegoers in Colorado, coworkers in San Bernardino, and first graders at Sandy Hook. Now is the the perfect opportunity to share your zeal for, and your carte blanch take on, the 2nd Amendment. Remember, the NRA used to have rallies at the site of mass shootings! Those were a hoot! The mourners need to be educated that the ease in acquiring the weapon used is not at all the problem, and the real horror would be to place any pesky regulation on the weapon of war that so effortlessly killed fifty and injured fifty more. Get started educating NOW!
    Memorial for the Sandy Hook children
  2. When 9/11 happened, do you know what made us feel better? Going to war with Iraq! Sure, Iraq wasn't responsible for or even involved in 9/11, but what's important is we did something! George W. Bush took decisive action, causing us to wave our plastic flags in a frenzy of patriotism. Trump has a similar idea: BAN ALL MUSLIMS! Ok, an American carried out this attack, but at least Trump will do something! Unlike Obummer, who only cares about Trans-gendered ISIS Muslims using the women's restrooms to diddle our daughters. NOW is the time to tell the mourners to get on board with the scapegoating idea. It will soothe their pain and make the world safer and stuff. "USA!"
  3. In light of the historic tragedy, the best thing to do is show respect for the dead and basic human decency for the living. 

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