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Suzanne Jackson
Scrappy Suzanne Jackson has a lot on her plate. Owner of Bark Avenue, a pet grooming salon in a hardscrabble section of south St. Louis, she works to keep the doors open despite her location in a difficult neighborhood in order to put food on the table for her seven year old daughter - not to mention her five dogs, two cats, two lizards, parrot and a fish - all while going through chemotherapy for lung cancer.

As if all this isn't enough, she's also dealing with the St. Louis region's most noxious internet troll who is hellbent on destroying her.

It all began about a year ago when her client Stephen Martin vented about a friendship that soured with a man named Michael Javert. As an act of kindness Martin had sought to include the reclusive Javert in social activities, but before long Javert was tagging him in places he hadn't been, and when Javert learned of Martin's HIV status, he told him he had "the mark of Cain." When the friendship ended Javert sent letters to friends, employers, relatives, and landlords defaming Martin, and often called the police on Martin and his friends for numerous things including cyber bullying.

Martin recalled how it all began and offered some insight.

"Back in the day of gay.com he and I were enemies. He would antagonize folks about ridiculous things like wearing tank tops and having tattoos. He spoke of 'Mother' in a way reminiscent of Norman Bates and often 'dispatched reports' to the local 'constabulary.' He would do this from the comfort of his 'bed chamber.' He's very keen on the idea of law enforcement and may have actually been a security guard. He claims to have once been an officer in Florissant."

After being warned, Suzanne checked her own friends list and found Javert was a connection.

"He hadn't done anything to me at that point so I figured unfriending him might cause more problems, but he began posting rude things about the dogs I groomed, saying they looked malnourished. It was only getting worse so I unfreinded him.

Fast forward a year and Suzanne learned Javert was posting disparaging remarks about her and her business.

Because of the past experiences of her client and his friends, she began asking around - particularity in the LGBT community - and found he had trolled countless others including drag legend Dieta Pepsi.

"I am always a target of his. Anytime there's an article or news story about me he posts all kinds of vile and disgusting comments about me. He really is a mental case that needs professional help. I blocked him years ago." said Pepsi.

"Javert" wasn't his real name, but was just one of several he used, and it turns out he's an internet troll right out of central casting. He's unemployed, lives with his mother (reportedly in her basement, even!), and spends virtually all of his time trolling online.

The common wisdom is to not engage with a troll because they having nothing but time on their hands, but the little grooming business is all that she has, and she decided to attempt to reason with him. She contacted him on another one of his fake accounts.

Javert didn't respond directly, but, in typical troll fashion, he did post the following after Suzanne's email:

He then doubled down on his claims though this vageubook post. 

And just to be classy...

Now it was war. Knowing that she was only the latest victim of his trolling, Suzanne did her homework and uncovered his real identity and address, then sent the following:

Like a cockroach when the kitchen light flips on, Javert is scrambling. 
Suzanne's family react to her most recent diagnosis.

His latest posts are about finding out where I live, since I've asked him for comment, and about making police reports about everyone mentioning him.

This is Suzanne's second time facing down cancer, and she's determined to show him that she can defeat him and the cancer while saving her business and exposing him to the world as her gift to the community she loves.

The story is certainly not over, and I'll post updates as they arise.

Trolls hide in anonymity and live to harass and destroy, but, as Suzanne said, this time Javert picked on the wrong bitch.

***UPDATE with an additional quote from Stephen Martin***

"I just can't believe he is targeting her. Just because she is on my Facebook and tagged me or something. He recently paid $200 toward one of my best friend's dog's vet bill for a needed surgery. I was thankful, but not taking the bait. So since a good deed didn't get me to talk, he hopes this attack will get me to respond. He knows how cancer took my mother from me at 18. I almost wonder if that is why he chose Suzanne Jackson. I have PTSD induced paranoia, but with this guy it is totally possible. In any case, I am truly sorry this is going on."

***12/2/15 UPDATE***

Jarvis sent the following text to Stephen Martin:

Jarvis also made the following blog post to explain his side of the story, which I'm posting in its entirety: 

It seems as if a blog has been posted about me in attempt to smear me.

First I will say, I did have a friendship with a person named Stephen. I met him online, a social media chat site. I had some rounds with that person, and I was aware of his HIV status, and I did reference "The Mark of Cain" long before I ever knew him, and it was likely after something was said about me, as I don't bite first.

As time went on, Stephen befriended me and I thought was a true friend. We had very much in common though it had the opposite effect on our lives. It brought him out, and it pushed me away, and made me not trust people and not like people and I told him what it was that caused that and I thought he understood me. He invited me to a party and introduced me to one of his best friends. I was uncomfortable at the party and I didn't stay too late, because I have to take care of two people and a dog that had special needs. Stephen walked me to my car and was very nice to me. Nicer than anyone had ever been to me. I thought for sure he wouldn't like me anymore, and I didn't engage anymore and let him contact me.

It wasn't long, Stephen was inviting me to go places with him and do things. Often we went to the Six Flags, which I was the one that always drove them in my car. It wasn't long after that, this Kody person came along and it seemed to change the dynamic with me and Stephen but, I tried to work with it. Stephen was my only friend at that point, and I thought I could trust him with anything and did. I told him things about me my dog didn't even know about. Something was off with his friend though, and I could sense he didn't like me. And by the way, Kody goes by several different names, as well but out of respect for him, and his privacy, I won't stoop to their level. It's also very illegal when they use one name, to out their true identity. Especially if they've had a job in a certain field. Stephen even got his license by me letting him use my car, and I even made him a key and let him drive whenever he wanted to. And I don't know what that tagging him in places we never been was about. I checked in on 4 squares. Couldn't check in unless physically there, and the only way it would tag him is if he approved the tag, and he didn't remove the tag until he unfriended me.

I have expressed my concerns with Stephen about Kody, and he told me that we should just block each other on line and be done with it. Which I did.

Stephen moved into a mutual friends house, that I met through a social group Stephen invited me to. To my shock, Stephen called me and asked me if I would like to move in with them, to help defer their rent. I was tempted, but I was taking care of my parents, who are ill. My Dad is also a Vietnam Veteran. I also reminded him that Kody hated me, and I reminded him that Rusty my dog, seemed under the weather. I was also in the process of moving at that time.

When I moved into this house, it seems like I met different people. I was new to a social media site that I was always weary of before. The Facebook. I was unsure of how The Facebook worked, and these little messages would pop up and say "People you may know." I assumed that people were trying to get in touch with me, and were from the sinking ship called My Space. So I clicked on those things, thinking they were trying to get in touch with me. I accepted friends request from people I didn't really know.

I did come across this Suzanne Jackson Person and she apparently owned this business, Bark Avenue. I know that a lot of dogs appeared in my news feed, which I didn't understand why, or that it was how the Facebook worked that would post things in my news feed. And they did look like sad dogs to me. Sweet, gentle, sad puppies. And if I saw a thin dog, I might have mentioned they look malnourished, I don't really recall though. I didn't accuse her of it. I have no idea where that delusion came from.

I don't really know what happened with Stephen or why he quit talking to me. He was in the hospital, and he was talking to me, after he got out of the hospital, I rang him at home to see if he was okay. He said he was and thanked me for asking, that was the last thing I heard from him. And I suspected that Kody was the reason for that.

Later, another friend from My Space connected with me. I liked him, he seemed nice. I hadn't talked to that Suzanne Woman in a while and I also had a second Facebook account that was created when I had Friend Caster. So I used that instead of the Facebook. Well, I didn't go through deleting everything and everyone and juggle all of those things, I had forgotten all about the one account, until recently. My dog, Rusty got the cancer and a fortune was spent in medicines trying to save him, but he died in November, 2014, then I find those libel posts made about me right after he died ? Yeah, I was pissed. And stupid me thinking that anyone on the Internet would be sane or reasonable. Because I truly didn't remember that person, which was also why I confronted her. Now I am starting to remember why I disliked her.

I recently came across a post that Suzanne made over a year ago, I confronted her on it, because what she wrote was libel, and all hell broke loose with her.

I had no idea that she had the cancer and it didn't matter. The point was, she wrote something, about me, that was untrue, and I tried to iron it out with her. Instead of ironing it out, she became very belligerent and started spouting these profanity laden tirades at me and then started name calling. Totally irrational behavior. No mention of the cancer. So I posted to my friends what she said, and it upset one of my friends so badly, I deleted the post out of respect for him and his feelings. Well then I started getting a barrage of strange requests which seemed odd, because some people were deleting me, while other people were adding me, and all kinds of nonsense was going on. Then posts I had were being reported for containing nudity, and none of them did, and none of them were blocked nor removed. One of the posts wasn't even of a person, and two of the other post were people in a tank top. Imagine that... So much for having a thing about that. I don't post nudity, I don't even posts pictures without clothes on, and I don't even shower nude. So amusing when liars lie. You never know what they will come up with.

Well as time went on, there was this person "trolling me" I didn't even know what that was until I looked it up and thought "hmm, how hypocritical ?" Anyway, only then did I learn that Ms. Jackson had the cancer. But again, that didn't matter to me. Should I just suddenly start to have feelings of commiseration for someone that was so hateful, rude, and ignorant to me ? I mean sure, it is unfortunate that she had the cancer, although, I am sure she's like most of the other world, buying and  eating what she wants to support Monsanto poisoning people, and smoking to support the very industry that is making people sick, to help support the other industry, Chemo therapy companies ? But I don't go about bashing the hell out of people, then saying my dog has the cancer when they retaliate. I don't go about bashing people. I am an adult, and yet all those people look like adults and proclaim they are, but act like immature children.

While all that was going on, I was looking into these people and investigating them, since I can access things that are a lot more reliable than public records, and in some very special cases, sealed even. But that's not relevant really. I did also speak to an eye witness that reported to me that he saw her with his own eyes, abuse a dog that she was grooming. I don't know the specifics, but I did post that into status updates that was only visible to friends.

It wasn't long before it was coming to my attention that there were screenshots being fabricated and clothed together. Then someone I don't know, popped up and that person claimed it was my Mother. Well, that's getting dangerous and total insanity. And also, I had those posts visible to only certain people, and they were re-posted to others who then wove them from pure cloth. But I'm the troll. Talk about your delusions of grandeur. And my Michael Blumenthal account hadn't been used in years. And that's my real name. I am part Jewish, so technically what is being done is a hate crime, especially in the state of Missouri.

And I see there's an update from Stephen. No idea where that came from either. Stephen tells me not to talk to him, and says he never wants to hear from me again, then blocks me, then a few months later, I see him in "Friends you may know" with "Accept friend" button. Stephen told me when he liked me to not click that unless I know them, and while I did know him, I doubt he was sending me a request. He explained it that somehow, it thinks you might know someone and tries to connect you. It's all complicated. But the point is, he says those things, blocks me, then unblocks me. And he did make a comment on a post I made to a friend showing a certain bag of potato crisps that had screen names of two people on there. And he didn't say much, and I didn't expect him to say anything. I can accept that he's still immature and under the influence of his little bald friend that wants to be a woman, and uses several names, and has a gender identity crises, that's fine. But trying to say that I am gay, when I have told him I am not, more than once, and he constantly tries to "out" me when there is nothing to "out" me about. For the record, I am asexual, not that it's anyone's business.

But yeah, I still care about that person more than he will ever understand, and this is just one more betrayal that can have him in some serious criminal trouble. I will however explain to the police that he does have some issues unresolved, I won't post them here, out of respect for him, but they are on that Chris Andoe blog "Tales from the Emperor". Definitely a swelled head, and he got it part right. Those are tales. Whale of tales.

I don't even know who Chris Andoe is, but he has crossed the line, and while I did turn up a California address for him, for his sake he better be in Missouri or what he did becomes a federal infraction.

And for the record, I did not know Stephen's Mother had the cancer, and I never asked. He did tell me she passed when he was young, but I didn't know why. And I didn't know this Ms. Jackson had the cancer until just recently either. So that whole theory is ridiculous. But don't throw cancer in my face trying to create a commiserating story. I have lost everyone in my family due to the cancer, and I myself have been on the brink of the cancer and had a scare so intense, that I quit eating anything that had to do with Monsanto. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. Nothing left but food and water. So I eat non GMO or totally organic, depending on how my body reacts to what, and I try to educate others so they don't go through the Crohn's like lavatorial shenanigans, or throw up blood and actually get probed and prodded by oncologists. I have lost EVERYONE in my family, including two dogs to the cancer, so don't think that your case is something special. I don't go around trying to get commiseration from others, and I have a conscious and compunction.

Well, Stephen, I won't ever understand you. I just swallow it as your recreational habit and your own mental illness that was posted about you. I hope you clean up one day, get some help, and grow up. I do care about you. Remember what I said to you at Murdoch Perk ? I won't forget what you said and have done for me.

And as for that Diet Pepsi, Leon Braxton, He is a thief. He stole a large sum of money from a social group I attended and he also embezzled money from the LGBT youth program. He also attacked a very dear trans-gendered friend of mine. I never spoke anything of him that was untrue, and when I did speak about him, It was to bring attention to the fact what he did. He stole from my friends, and from the group, he embezzled from a youth group, which makes it worse, and he attacked a trans-gendered person and constantly harassed her.

***UPDATE 12/2/15***

Meeshu Bono-Thompson has been familiar with Javert for many years, going back to gay.com, and posted a response to Javert's blog after calling the O'Fallon PD in an attempt verify or debunk Javert's claims of filing a complaint against Jackson.

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