Friday, December 11, 2015

Disgruntled queen declares war on Vital Voice

Former #boom contributor Michael Rockafellow, AKA "Butterscotch" has vowed to boycott any bar that distributes Vital Voice Magazine. Earlier this year Rockafellow expressed irritation about being overlooked for the publication's "Voice Your Choice" poll,
With #boom contributor J. Sanning weighing in.
and he's apparently still fuming over former Rehab owner Jim Weckmann's pre-roast exit interview where he named Rockafellow (among many others) as someone he would not miss in retirement.
"She likes to read folks for things that dont concern her and acts as if she is above everyone else around her... Butterscotch will do anything to attempt to make a name for himself. In my own words.....highly forgettable, mouthy, nosey, thinks his shit dont stink queen."
While others mentioned shrugged off Weckmann's parting thoughts, or planned to respond at the roast, the response from the furious Rockafellow  and his followers nearly forced Rehab to cancel the roast for security reasons.

Though I've never met Rockafellow, the fact I was on Vital Voice's roster seemed to be enough to draw his ire. He attempted to start a rumor that I made fun of people for being HIV positive, but removed the post after less than ten minutes after his own followers objected, knowing the accusation was demonstrably false.

I suspect his latest attack on Vital Voice (he's been heckling them online for some time) has nothing to do with the magazine, but instead involves his recent involvement with someone from Oklahoma City, where I have many readers and have hosted events. Maybe he was upset that his reputation preceded him.

Oklahoma City's famous Habana Inn

It's absurd for someone to enter the ring and then declare themselves bullied, which is why I've never made such a claim - despite the numerous attempts to get me pulled from rosters, or even being framed for a hostage crisis. It seems the critically important anti-bullying movement has been usurped by grown adults behaving badly, which is unfortunate.

Either own your position in the ring or get out of it. When people respond to your posts and actions it's not called bullying, it's called life.

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